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We specialize and have extensive knowledge of every line of business related to the entertainment industry, including television -both free and pay- cinema, sports law, digital media, radio, print and live shows. We are experts in copyright law and the exploitation and protection of audiovisual, literary and artistic works, among others.


For over 20 years we have actively participated and have been key elements in the negotiation and execution of the most relevant transactions that have defined the entertainment industry in Mexico.

  • National and international licensing (acquisition and sale) of television broadcasting rights (including formats, scripts and completed content; production and coproduction deals with the industry’s biggest players throughout the world.

  • Production and distribution of the most successful feature films in Mexico and Hispanic markets around the world.

  • Development, acquisition or partnership (via M&A deals) for the launch of multiple digital platforms which currently have the highest traffic and impacts nationwide.

  • Negotiation, marketing and broadcasting rights management of the biggest sports events worldwide, including multiple FIFA World CupsTM, Olympic Games, Mexico’s Football National Team, NFL, MLB, NBA and Mexico’s Liga MX top soccer teams, among many others. We also have expertise in sports practice related to national and international professional soccer players transfers, under applicable sports regulations (Ley Federal del Trabajo, FMF and FIFA).

  • Licensing, acquisition and launch, in Mexico and Latin America, of the most successful national and international magazines with the widest circulation in their markets and territories.

  • Talent development and representation.

  • Media marketing and ad sales in multiple platforms.


At Cornish+Pani we are highly specialized attorneys with broad experience in transactional and business law practice. We have advised our Clients by designing the strategy for the structuring of a wide array of projects, in an efficient and successful manner, always under applicable law and best practices.

We stand out for the deep knowledge of our areas of expertise; at Cornish+Pani we are aware of the importance of understanding our clients needs through thorough analysis as well as constant and efficient communication.



We have extensive knowledge and experience in the broadcasting and telecommunications industries. We have advised our clients on a high number of regulatory compliance affairs, TV and radio permits, as well as asymmetric regulation on antitrust matters under applicable law, and in those issued and governed by the Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (Federal Telecommunications Institute), amongst other regulatory authorities.



As specialized attorneys due to vast experience in the business environment, at Cornish + Pani we value the deep understanding of every business activities and the importance of the lawyer in the life of an enterprise. As such, we provide sophisticated legal advice for all the needs of our clients, such as:

  • Elaboration, negotiation and advice on all kinds of agreements, either related to the daily activity of the company, or as a consequence of highly complex transactions.

  • Expeditious and adequate management of the corporate books and records, whether derived from Shareholders' Meetings, Boards of Directors or other related governance bodies, such as Committees (e.g. Audit, Corporate Practices, among others), implementing the best practices on corporate governance.



We have the ability to provide comprehensive advice for all procedures related to trademark and copyright registration, commercial notices and trade names. Also, we advise on the initiation and relief of administrative procedures, infringements and sanctions before the corresponding authorities.

In order to provide full service to our clients, we have strategic alliances with other law firms, proficient in litigation matters, whether civil, commercial, administrative, tax, criminal or labor.


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